A “Good” Student

Society portrays that there are good students and bad students. According to common sense a “good” student is someone who follows instruction, listens effectively, and works well with others. Good Students are able to learn the way society wants them to learn. Bad students are students who don’t obey, they are unable to follow instruction, and they can not sit still. The students that fit this definition of a “good” students are those who are able to learn with little questioning and they require little to no attention. Students who are of the “norm” are those who are privileged by this definition of the good student. Students who don’t require extra attention, or diverse needs are good students.

Learners who are different and don’t fit the “norm” of a good student will be at a disadvantage. Because of theses common sense ideas we are unable to allow students to be diverse and to be themselves. We discourage those who aren’t classified as “good” students from learning. Those who don’t fit the norm are not given a place within the classroom. However, those of the norm are the students who succeed in the system, and they are the students who feel safe in their learning environments.


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