Kumashiro- “Common Sense”

What is “Common Sense”

Kumashiro identifies “common sense” as something everyone should already know. It is something we as humans rely on and it gives us a sense of comfort. Through time, Kumashiro had to learn and experience Nepali because they didn’t share the same common sense. It takes time to learn what others may think is “common sense”. What we think makes sense, others may not. Schools are suppose to look a certain way, but common sense limits what is considered to be consistent. Kumashiro states that common sense tells us what we “should” be doing. Not what we “could” be doing.

Why is it Important to Pay Attention to Common Sense?

It is important to pay attention to common sense because we need to “look beyond” what and how we teach and learn. It doesn’t mean we reject everything nor does it mean that we search for a better approach, but we become open to other methods and ways of teaching.


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